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Biblical foundation:

"But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come..." 2 Timothy 3:1 

Basis of need:

The modern church has put so much emphasis on numerical growth that spiritual growth and maturity in the faith has been neglected, consequently there are many who have professed faith in Christ and prayed the so-called "sinners prayer," gone through the waters of baptism and joined the church who have absolutely no idea of what they have gotten themselves into. Some of them have been in the church for years with little or no  measurable growth in grace, while others are new to the faith and need immediate attention before they fall back into their old lifestyle.  These folks need simple, effective, practical training in how to discover spiritual principles and live them out in the everyday.

The "perilous times" that the Bible says will come in the "last days" are now upon up and we must learn to live based on what the Bible instructs rather than by what the world around us teaches. The "Institute for End Times Ministry" is designed to enable us to recognize the signs of the times and develop a Biblical World View, rather than being trapped under the circumstances of a world that is passing away. The institute will address such subjects as:

  • "The New World Order"
  • "Globalization"
  • "One World Monatery System"
  • "The Rise of a World Leader"
  • "How to Prepare for the coming persecution of Christians"
  • "The rise of Mysticism - Being Spiritual vs. Being a Christian"

Practical Approach

All of the material will be presented in terms that the average person can understand and apply to his/her own life and share with others. All sessions will be taught by Jeff Brooks and will include times of worship and prayer as well as Q&A.



Interested in enrolling? Call Jeff Brooks 865-603-6927 or Email jeff@acertainsound.org

















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